Suffragette jiu jitsu

Here’s an excerpt from The One Show, with Mary Petty Sensei and UCL’s instructor, James Garvey Sensei, in the unusual role of Bad Cop.  Two good throws at the end, so it’s worth wading through the beard discussion.

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Jiu Jitsu on The One Show

honor blackman 2014-03-19 004Can a small person really throw a bigger one?  That’s the question raised by the story of Edith Garrud, small, slight jiu jitsu instructor to the suffragette bodyguard.  It’s an amazing story, and you can read about it here.  In a sentence, Garrud taught jiu jitsu to women who protected prominent suffragette speakers from the police and others.  The Jitsu Foundation’s James Garvey and Mary Petty will be on The One Show tonight, demonstrating the techniques Edith Garrud might well have taught women a century ago.

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Jitsu Returns

We are back training from next Tuesday, 29 April, as usual — Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 – 10 at Astor College, 99 Charlotte Street.  Beginners are of course welcome any time, but as we’ve all had a month off, now is an excellent time to start.

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As UCL is closed for Easter, the sessions at Astor College and the BFC won’t be back up and running until the week commencing 28 April. Rest, don’t eat too many Easter Eggs, and we’ll see you on the mat soon.

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Distance session

There’s talk of different fighting ranges in many martial arts, including jiu jitsu. In this session, we’ll explore how, when and why to move between distances in a fight, as well as coping with changing distances beyond your control during aggressive encounters. How important is distance? What can we learn about fighting ranges that might help us both on the mat and on the street? We’ll cover the following four areas:

1. Long range/threat assessment, avoidance, pre-contact

2. Kicking range: how to kick effectively, when to kick, when to retire to or enter into kicking range, when is kicking a bad idea, how are kicks best employed?

3. Punching/blocking/trading/trapping/locking – we’ll learn various kinds of strikes, how to trap and lock at this range, particularly valuable against a knife.

4. Close quarters – how strikes change here (fists, headbutts, elbows, knees), clinch fighting techniques, fighting on the ground, closing to this range and getting back out of it.

Instructors tbc, but including Steve Donaghy, Saeed Jabbar, Mathew Shepherd, Ian Sillitoe, James Garvey, and Davis Cook. Saturday, 29 March at Astor College from noon.
Cost £5.

It’s also Davis Cook’s farewell session, so do come along. Planned drinking festivities are unchanged, we’re still crawling the pubs of UCL past, and some old skool folk look likely to join us. We’ll start in The Marlborough Arms after the session, from 5 pm.

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First Annual UCLU Jitsu Beer Festival

UCLOLD13We’ve been talking about having a big party where everyone who’s ever trained at the club can get back together and relive the joys of UCL. It’s also a chance to toast Davis, who is leaving for South Africa. We’ll train and then indulge in some frosty beverages, ideally aiming for the glorious Spanish Bar for one last one.

So join us on 29 March. On the mat if you can, but in the pub regardless. We aim to pub crawl the pubs UCL has inhabited over the years, beginning with the Marlborough and taking in the Bentham, the Grafton, the Bricklayers, the Northumberland, Potion, and a toast next to Point 101, because I think it’s flats now, but no matter. It will be glorious.

This won’t be awesome unless you invite some dudes from the past. Get in touch with anyone from back in the day who trained with you and invite them along. Ask them to invite whoever they remember. Dress code is the colour of your belt. Keep an eye on our facebook page details and to let us know you’ll join us. Not coming along? Is it because you are small?

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Donaghy Sensei at UCL on Thurs

Steve Donaghy SenseiDonaghy Sensei will take the session this Thurs, with an eye on the pregrading at the weekend — syllabus checking, core movement and fighty assessments are promised.  If you aim to grade, you must attend the pregrading, and if you want to learn some jitsu, you really should be there on Thursday — and indeed every Thursday.  And Tuesday.  And Friday.

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Upcoming events

Congrats to the glorious team of dudes who took part in the nationals — outstanding work as usual.

Also, an update on upcoming courses this term from Rosie:

Breakfaling course 13:00 – 17:00, also at LNS. Lead Instructor: Matthew Shepherd

Sat 1 Mar 2014, London Regional Pregrading. Timings to be confirmed. 

The London Nautical School – 61 Stamford Street, London SE1 9NA (entrance for the gymnasium on Hatfields)

Lead Instructors: Aytekin Can and Seye Bolade

Cost: £10

Sat 15 Mar 2014, 10:00 – 14:00 SE Brown and Dan Course and 11:00 – 14:00 SE Purple and Blue Course
Both at: The Ballroom, Boland House, Guys Hospital, London SE1 9RT
Lead Instructors: Barry Collyer (BaD), Gareth Horgan (PaB).

Cost: £5
Sat 22 Mar 2014, London Regional Grading. Timings to be confirmed.
The London Nautical School – 61 Stamford Street, London  SE1 9NA (entrance for the gymnasium on Hatfields)

Lead Instructor: Tony Finding

Cost: £15 adults, £10 U18s

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Forward Roll Tutorial

Here’s a video doing the rounds at the moment, a good tutorial for those new to forward rolls.

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Dangerous Parts Kata

Here’s a video of the dangerous parts kata, required for yellow belt.


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