How to join UCLU Jitsu

If you’d like to train with us, here’s what you need to do:

1. Show up to any session — you can try jiu jitsu without paying mat fees.  Our instructors take no money, which keeps fees low.  Arrive about ten minutes before the session starts, do a bit of paperwork, and join in.  Just wear loose comfortable clothing.

2. Train and get a feel for what we do.  The club members are friendly and will help you along on your first day. Click here to find out what a typical jitsu session is like.

3. If you enjoyed it, you can join the club by filling in an insurance form — ask an instructor for one.  It covers you for a year, enabling you to train at any club in the country that’s part of our style.  If you are a student at UCL, you also have to join the club officially through the union, which you can do here.

4. You can buy a judogi or training uniform from us if you like.  We order from a wholesaler and make no profit from this.

5. Then train twice a week, three times if you can.  Of course you can come along for fewer sessions if that suits your schedule.  There are lots of courses you can attend as well — regional and national courses, first aid courses, weapons courses, and more.

6. That’s it.

Any questions?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions for an answer, or contact us.