Welcome Freshers!

Beginner sessions starting 1st OCTOBER!ateminationalsimage

We teach practical self-defence techniques that work for anyone of any shape, size or ability. By using an attacker’s strength and momentum against them, and learning a lot about balance, intelligent striking and the body’s natural weaknesses, you’ll be able to deal with a person much bigger and stronger than you.

Come along to any session and try Jiu Jitsu for free. We train every Monday and Thursday from 8-10pm in Hugh Cubbitt Centre (by Kings Cross) and Friday night from 7:30 – 10 pm in the Bloomsbury Fitness Centre on Gordon Street. Our three lead instructors have nearly 40 years of teaching experience between them.

To find out more, come along to any session. Your first two sessions are free!


Monday, 8-10pm, Hugh Cubbitt
Thursday, 8-10pm, Hugh Cubbitt
Friday, 7:30-10pm, Bloomsbury Fitness

President: Deniz Sezer
Treasurer: Oliver Bennett

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