Want to get serious about jiu jitsu?

strikingimageJoin the club officially through the union. http://uclu.org/clubs-societies/jitsu-club There is a £5 membership fee that we have to charge, but we’ll refund it in free training or beer.

Joining the Jiu Jitsu Foundation costs £25 – this is your insurance, it’s mandatory, but it enables you to train at any of the 100 clubs in the country.

Mat fees are £3 per session on Tues and Thurs. The BFC charges a day pass (£3.50) on entry, and we have no control over this, so we don’t charge for training to make up for it.

You’ll need a judogi. These cost £15 and we can order them for you at cost from Blitz.

We also do a termly season pass for £40 which covers all your mat fees if you want to pay in one go at a reduced rate (about half the cost of paying for individual sessions).

The freshers’ pack includes your judogi and belt (£15), your licence (£25) and the first term’s training (£40, much more if you pay as you go) and costs just £50 in total. This is a deal. Speak to a club committee member if you’re interested.

All the money goes directly to benefit the members of the club (e.g. hiring training venues) as our instructors do not charge for their time. Any questions? Just ask.

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