Distance session

There’s talk of different fighting ranges in many martial arts, including jiu jitsu. In this session, we’ll explore how, when and why to move between distances in a fight, as well as coping with changing distances beyond your control during aggressive encounters. How important is distance? What can we learn about fighting ranges that might help us both on the mat and on the street? We’ll cover the following four areas:

1. Long range/threat assessment, avoidance, pre-contact

2. Kicking range: how to kick effectively, when to kick, when to retire to or enter into kicking range, when is kicking a bad idea, how are kicks best employed?

3. Punching/blocking/trading/trapping/locking – we’ll learn various kinds of strikes, how to trap and lock at this range, particularly valuable against a knife.

4. Close quarters – how strikes change here (fists, headbutts, elbows, knees), clinch fighting techniques, fighting on the ground, closing to this range and getting back out of it.

Instructors tbc, but including Steve Donaghy, Saeed Jabbar, Mathew Shepherd, Ian Sillitoe, James Garvey, and Davis Cook. Saturday, 29 March at Astor College from noon.
Cost £5.

It’s also Davis Cook’s farewell session, so do come along. Planned drinking festivities are unchanged, we’re still crawling the pubs of UCL past, and some old skool folk look likely to join us. We’ll start in The Marlborough Arms after the session, from 5 pm.

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