First Annual UCLU Jitsu Beer Festival

UCLOLD13We’ve been talking about having a big party where everyone who’s ever trained at the club can get back together and relive the joys of UCL. It’s also a chance to toast Davis, who is leaving for South Africa. We’ll train and then indulge in some frosty beverages, ideally aiming for the glorious Spanish Bar for one last one.

So join us on 29 March. On the mat if you can, but in the pub regardless. We aim to pub crawl the pubs UCL has inhabited over the years, beginning with the Marlborough and taking in the Bentham, the Grafton, the Bricklayers, the Northumberland, Potion, and a toast next to Point 101, because I think it’s flats now, but no matter. It will be glorious.

This won’t be awesome unless you invite some dudes from the past. Get in touch with anyone from back in the day who trained with you and invite them along. Ask them to invite whoever they remember. Dress code is the colour of your belt. Keep an eye on our facebook page details and to let us know you’ll join us. Not coming along? Is it because you are small?

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