Pregrading prep

The pregrading is Saturday 23 Nov at  London Nautical School, 61 Stamford Street, London SE1 9NA — kick off times tba.  It’s a full day of training, going over the syllabus with like minded individuals, and a chance for some feedback from a variety of instructors.  The pregrading is required for those aiming to grade this time — it’s that valuable.  If you can’t make it and want to grade, speak to James.  You need to be registered for this event too — we’ll take names on the mat Tues and Thurs.

Around this time of year it’s possible to get cold feet and take yourself out of the grading by not turning up to the pregrading.  Do not do this. Let the instructors worry about whether or not you’re ready.  You just have to train hard as usual, twice a week.  And we’ll be working very hard this week, sprinting from the start.  So show up watered and fit for purpose.

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