Atemi Nationals (you’re going)

Dudes, the Atemi Nationals are happening 9 & 10 November.  It’s two days of excellent training, with hundreds of jitsuka from clubs all around the country training together, taken by the best instructors in our style — and a debauched evening in a night club filled with like-minded jitsuka.  The club will (hopefully) cover 2/3 of the cost for all students — transport and training fees — leaving you to pay around £30 for your room — this is where your mat fees go, so take advantage of this fine opportunity.  But you have to reserve your place right now.

To do so, you have to be licensed (here’s a form) and if you’re a student you must join the club via the CSC (you can do that here, it’s a fiver).  Then contact Mehm with your name, grade and contact details, and we’ll reserve a space for you on the coach and in the hotel.


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