Why, hello Freshers

logo_whiteonred2If you’re new to Jiu Jitsu, here’s what you need to know.

1. Our first sessions for freshers are on the 1st and 3rd of October.  The earlier in the month you come along the better, but new people are welcome throughout October.  It’s never too late to join us at Astor College, 99 Charlotte Street, any Tuesday or Thursday from 8 – 10 pm.  

2. How is Jiu Jitsu different from other martial arts?  If you’re trying to decide which martial art to do, we suggest that you try a few and work it out for yourself.  It’s hard to get a feel for a style in just a handful of sessions, but your initial impressions can help.  If it’s a big club with a history, a good mix of people of different shapes and sizes, men and women, they’re probably doing something right.  If you enjoy yourself, like what you see the more experienced students doing, think you can learn something, get along with the club members — if it’s something you think will maintain your interest two nights a week for a year — stick with it.

3. Your first session is free.  Because our instructors take no money for teaching, the cost of a regular session is just £2, cheaper if you buy a season ticket.  Jiu Jitsu is ideal for those on a budget who kind of like punching people a little bit.

4. What do I need to do to join in?  Almost nothing.  Arrive about 10 minutes early to do some paperwork, wear something loose and comfortable (you will move around a lot),  and try to have a positive attitude towards press ups.  There are changing rooms and showers in the building.  If you want to join the club, we’ll tell you what you need to do.  It’s easy.

5. Come along for a drink afterwards.  We’ve negotiated a discount in a local hostelry — every hour is happy hour when you do jitsu — so join us for some well-deserved beverages after the session.  The importance of hydration must never be underestimated.

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ, talk to us at Freshers’ Fayre, or get in touch via our facebook page.

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