History of UCL Jitsu instructor grades

Will Robards will be awarded his hakama tonight at the BFC from 7.30.  Hakama are worn by instructors in our style, and it’s got me thinking of the large number of instructor grades that the club has produced over the years — and the huge amount of jitsu they’ve brought into the world.  A few emails have turned up the following names and where they went on to teach.  UCL is alarmingly good at producing alarmingly good instructors — many still teaching after a long time in the trenches.  We might well be uniquely prolific when it comes to students opening clubs abroad:

  1. Steve Donaghy – opened the club in 1986 (Many thanks Odude)
  2. Sunil Shrestha – City Jitsu
  3. Fiona Milsom – set up KingsKingston, and Richmond Jitsu (now Tiffin)
  4. Andy Bickerton – taught at Tiffin Jitsu, now teaching in NZ
  5. Jon Burson – Southbank Jitsu
  6. Jacky Matthews – opened Fulham Town Jitsu
  7. Richard Brent Nidan – UEL, Westminster Jitsu
  8. Rob Stanway – opened Surrey Quays Jitsu
  9. Alex Fairweather, UMC – set up ULU Jitsu, Toronto Jitsu
  10. James Garvey – UCL Jitsu
  11. Simon Iron Balls Ogden – set up Jitsu in NZ
  12. Too Tall Tom O’Connell
  13. Rowan Searle – set up Jitsu in Australia
  14. Alex Mooney – opened Queen Mary Jitsu Club
  15. Harshana Fernando
  16. Andy ‘the Flying Dutchman’ Holland – opened Greenwich Jitsu
  17. Will Wimshurst – Westminster Jitsu
  18. Magic Stu Scott – opened London Institute, and Iraq Jitsu
  19. Ian Sillitoe – ULU, Westminster Jitsu
  20. Davis Cook – set up Jitsu in South Africa
  21. Bevis Man – Goldsmiths
  22. Sean Jennings
  23. Seye Bolade – Hackney, just opened South Norwood Jitsu
  24. Adrian Chew
  25. Ai Ishi – set up a club in London
  26. Peter Siderov
  27. Will Robards – set up Tadley Jitsu

No pressure Will.

You’ll hear this a lot, and it’s not very helpful, but getting to instructor grade in our style is actually straightforward: don’t stop training.

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