Jiu Jitsu Club of the Year

UCL has been nominated for The Jitsu Foundation Club of the Year. The actual winner will be announced at the summer ball. Here’s the bit from our nomination

Club of the Year 

University College London
The club won the Jitsu Foundation Randori Nationals Competition again this year, filling up the last space on the National Shield. Already having filled up the majority of the spaces on the shield over the years, they were given it outright. They also came joint 4th in the Atemi National Competition, and had the most students pass gradings this year in the largest region in the Foundation, the London Region, including a brown belt, Will Robards, who has started a club in Reading.

If you want to attend and cheer us on, there are details here.

Being nominated is kind of a big deal — there are nearly 100 clubs in the Jitsu Foundation.  Well done dudes.

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