Street clothes session

We’re planning a session at UCL on 16 May dedicated to Jitsu in street clothing.  How different is a throw when done in tight jeans, a skirt, a mankini, a smoking jacket or high heels?  What goes wrong when we cannot rely on grabbing uke’s gi?  Can you fight when your glasses fall off?  What everyday objects might you use to your advantage? Will your shoes slip around or prevent you from moving and turning? Are your hands in your pockets? (You fool!)  Do the things you usually wear present some risk to you or inhibit your movement – rucksacks, jewellery, piercings?  Can you use the clothes someone else is wearing – not just to throw them, but to work out what hazard they might present?

These questions and more will be answered in a street clothing/no gi session at UCL, with Steve Donaghy Sensei and others.  Bring clothing similar to your usual, everyday attire that you don’t mind seeing ripped to shreds – and possibly spares or something underneath that will survive if you’re modest.

Thursday 16 May, 99 Charlotte Street, from 8 – 10.

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